Language of Flowers

(*Reprinted from: Collier's Cyclopedia of Commercial and Social Information and Treasury of Useful and Entertaining Knowledge, compiled by Nugent Robinson. P.F. Collier, 1882, public domain)

How the universal heart of man blesses flowers! They are wreathed round the cradle, the marriage-altar, and the tomb. The Persian in the far East delights in their perfume, and writes his love in nosegays; while the Indian child of the far West claps his hands with glee as he gathers the abundant blossoms - the illuminated scriptures of the prairies. The Cupid of the ancient Hindoos tipped his arrows with flowers, and orange-flowers are a bridal crown with us, a nation of yesterday. Flowers garlanded the Grecian altar, and hung in votive wreath before the Christian shrine. All these are appropriate uses. Flowers should deck the brow of the youthful bride, for they are in themselves a lovely type of marriage. They should twine round the tomb, for their perpetually renewed beauty is a symbol of the resurrection. They should festoon the altar, for their fragrance and their beauty ascend in perpetual worship before the Most High.

Flowers have a language of their own, and it is this bright particular language that we would teach our readers. How charmingly a young gentleman can speak to a young lady, and with what eloquent silence in this delightful language. How delicately she can respond, the beautiful little flowers telling her tale in perfumed words; what a delicate story the myrtle or the rose tells! How unhappy that which basil, or yellow rose reveals, while ivy is the most faithful of all.

Abecedary - Volubility.
Abatina - Fickleness.
Acacia - Friendship.
Acacia, Rose or White - Elegance.
Acacia, Yellow - Secret love.
Acanthus - The fine arts. Artifice.
Acalia - Temperance.
Achillea Millefolia - War.
Aconite (Wolfsbane) - Misanthropy.
Aconite, Crowfoot - Luster.
Adonis, Flos - Painful recollections.
African Marigold - Vulgar minds.
Agnus Castus - Coldness. Indifference
Agrimony - Thankfulness. Gratitude.
Almond (Common) - Stupidity. Indiscretion.
Almond (Flowering) - Hope.
Almond, Laurel - Perfidy.
Allspice - Compassion.
Aloe - Grief. Religious superstition.
Althaea Frutex (Syrian Mallow) - Persuasion.
Alyssum (Sweet) - Worth beyond beauty.
Amaranth (Globe) - Immortality. Unfading love.
Amaranth (Cockscomb) - Foppery. Affectation.
Amaryllis - Pride. Timidity. Splendid beauty.
Ambrosia - Love returned.
American Cowslip - Divine beauty.
American Elm - Patriotism.
American Linden - Matrimony.
American Starwort - Welcome to a stranger. Cheerfulness in old age.
Amethyst - Admiration.
Anemone (Garden) - Forsaken.
Angelica - Inspiration.
Angrec - Royalty.
Apple - Temptation.
Apple (Blossom) - Preference. Fame speaks him great and good.
Apple, Thorn - Deceitful charms.
Apocynum (Dog's Vane) - Deceit.
Arbor Vitae - Unchanging friendship. Live for me.
Arum (Wake Robin) - Ardor.
Ash-leaved Trumpet Flower - Separation.
Ash Tree - Grandeur.
Aspen Tree - Lamentation.
Aster (China) - Variety. Afterthought.
Asphodel - My regrets follow you to the grave.
Auricula - Painting.
Auricula, Scarlet - Avarice.
Austurtium - Splendor.
Azalea - Temperance.
Bachelor's Buttons - Celibacy.
Balm - Sympathy.
Balm, Gentle - Pleasantry.
Balm of Gilead - Cure. Relief.
Balsam, Red - Touch me not. Impatient resolves.
Balsam, Yellow - Impatience.
Barberry - Sourness of temper.
Barberry Tree - Sharpness.
Basil - Hatred.
Bay Leaf - I change but in death.
Bay (Rose) Rhododendron - Danger. Beware.
Bay Tree - Glory.
Bay Wreath - Reward of merit.
Bearded Crepis - Protection.
Beech Tree - Prosperity.
Bee Orchis - Industry.
Bee Ophrys - Error.
Belladonna - Silence.
Bell Flower, Pyramidal - Constancy.
Bell Flower (small white) - Gratitude.
Belvedere - I declare against you.
Betony - Surprise.
Bilberry - Treachery.
Bindweed, Great - Insinuation.
Bindweed, Small - Humility.
Birch - Meekness.
Birdsfoot, Trefoil - Revenge.
Bittersweet; Nightshade - Truth.
Black Poplar - Courage.
Blackthorn - Difficulty.
Bladder Nut Tree - Frivolity. Amusement.
Bluebottle (Century) - Delicacy.
Bluebell - Constancy.
Blue-flowered Greek Valerian - Rupture.
Bonus Henricus - Goodness.
Borage - Bluntness.
Box Tree - Stoicism.
Bramble - Lowliness. Envy. Remorse.
Branch of Currants - You please all.
Branch of Thorns - Severity. Rigor.
Bridal Rose - Happy love.
Broom - Humility.
Buckbean - Calm repose.
Bud of White Rose - Heart ignorant of love.
Bugloss - Falsehood.
Bulrush - Indiscretion. Docility.
Bundle of Reeds, with their Panicles - Music.
Burdock - Importunity. Touch me not.
Buttercup (Kingcup) - Ingratitude. Childishness.
Butterfly Orchis - Gaiety.
Butterfly Weed - Let me go.
Cabbage - Profit.
Cacalia - Adulation.
Cactus - Warmth.
Calla Aethiopica - Magnificent beauty.
Calycanthus - Benevolence.
Camellia Japonica, Red - Unpretending excellence.
Camellia Japonica, White - Perfected loveliness.
Camomile - Energy in adversity.
Canary Grass - Perseverance.
Candytuft - Indifference.
Canterbury Bell - Acknowledgment.
Cape Jasmine - I'm too happy.
Cardamine - Paternal error.
Carnation, Deep Red - Alas! for my poor heart.
Carnation, Striped - Refusal.
Carnation, Yellow - Disdain.
Cardinal Flower - Distinction.
Catchfly - Snare.
Catchfly, Red - Youthful love.
Catchfly, White - Betrayed.
Cedar - Strength.
Cedar of Lebanon - Incorruptible.
Cedar Leaf - I live for thee.
Celandine (Lesser) - Joys to come.
Century - Delicacy.
Cereus (Creeping) - Modest genius.
Champignon - Suspicion.
Chequered Fritillary - Persecution.
Cherry Tree - Good education.
Cherry Tree, White - Deception.
Chestnut Tree - Do me justice. Luxury.
Chickweed - Rendezvous.
Chicory - Frugality.
China Aster - Variety.
China Aster, Double - I partake your sentiments.
China Aster, Single - I will think of it.
China or Indian Pink - Aversion.
China Rose - Beauty always new.
Chinese Chrysanthemum - Cheerfulness under adversity.
Christmas Rose - Relieve my anxiety.
Chrysanthemum, Red - I love.
Chrysanthemum, White - Truth.
Chrysanthemum, Yellow - Slighted love.
Cinquefoil - Maternal affection.
Circaea - Spell.
Cistus, or Rock Rose - Popular favor.
Cistus, Gum - I shall die tomorrow.
Citron - Ill-natured beauty.
Clematis - Mental beauty.
Clematis, Evergreen - Poverty.
Clotbur - Rudeness. Pertinacity.
Cloves - Dignity.
Clover, Four-leaved - Be mine.
Clover, Red - Industry.
Clover, White - Think of me.
Cobaea - Gossip.
Cockscomb Amaranth - Foppery. Affectation. Singularity.
Colchicum, or Meadow Saffron - My best days are past.
Coltsfoot - Justice shall be done.
Columbine - Folly.
Columbine, Purple - Resolved to win.
Columbine, Red - Anxious and trembling.
Convolvulus - Bonds.
Convolvulus, Blue (Minor) - Repose. Night.
Convolvulus, Major - Extinguished hopes.
Convolvulus, Pink - Worth sustained by judicious and tender affection.
Corchorus - Impatient of absence.
Coreopsis - Always cheerful.
Coreopsis Arkansa - Love at first sight.
Coriander - Hidden worth.
Corn - Riches.
Corn, Broken - Quarrel.
Corn Straw - Agreement
Corn Bottle - Delicacy.
Corn Cockle - Gentility.
Cornel Tree - Duration.
Coronella - Success crown your wishes.
Cowslip - Pensiveness. Winning grace.
Cowslip, American - Divine beauty. You are my divinity.
Cranberry - Cure for heartache.
Creeping Cereus - Horror.
Cress - Stability. Power.
Crocus - Abuse not.
Crocus, Spring - Youthful gladness.
Crocus, Saffron - Mirth
Crown Imperial - Majesty. Power.
Crowsbill - Envy.
Crowfoot - Ingratitude.
Crowfoot (Aconite-leaved) - Luster.
Cocoa Plant - Ardor.
Cudweed, American - Unceasing remembrance.
Currant - Thy frown will kill me.
Cuscuta - Meanness.
Cyclamen - Diffidence
Cypress - Death. Mourning.
Daffodil - Regard.
Dahlia - Instability.
Daisy - Innocence.
Daisy, Garden - I share your sentiments.
Daisy, Michaelmas - Farewell.
Daisy, Party-colored - Beauty.
Daisy, Wild - I will think of it.
Damask Rose - Brilliant complexion.
Dandelion - Rustic oracle.
Daphne, Odora - Painting the lily.
Darnel (Ray grass) - Vice.
Dead Leaves - Sadness.
Dew Plant - A serenade.
Dittany of Crete - Birth.
Dittany of Crete, White - Passion.
Dock - Patience.
Dodder of Thyme - Baseness.
Dogsbane - Deceit. Falsehood.
Dogwood - Durability.
Dragon Plant - Snare.
Dried Flax - Utility.
Ebony Tree - Blackness.
Eglantine (Sweetbrier) - Poetry. I wound to heal.
Elder - Zealousness.
Elm - Dignity.
Enchanter's Nightshade - Witchcraft. Sorcery
Endive - Frugality
Eupatorium - Delay
Everflowering Candytuft - Indifference.
Evergreen Clematis - Poverty.
Evergreen Thorn - Solace in adversity.
Everlasting - Never-ceasing remembrance.
Everlasting Pea - Lasting pleasure.
Fennel - Worthy of all praise. Strength.
Fern - Fascination.
Ficoides, Ice Plant - Your looks freeze me.
Fig - Argument.
Fig Marigold - Idleness.
Fig Tree - Prolific.
Filbert - Reconciliation.
Fir - Time.
Fir Tree - Elevation.
Flax - Domestic industry. Fate. I feel your kindness.
Flax-leaved Goldy-locks - Tardyness.
Fleur-de-Lis - Flame. I burn.
Fleur-de-Luce - Fire.
Flowering Fern - Reverie.
Flowering Reed - Confidence in Heaven.
Flower-of-an-Hour - Delicate beauty.
Fly Orchis - Error.
Flytrap - Deceit.
Fool's Parsley - Silliness.
Forget Me Not - True love. Forget me not.
Foxglove - Insincerity.
Foxtail - Grass Sporting.
French Honeysuckle - Rustic beauty.
French Marigold - Jealousy.
French Willow - Bravery and humanity.
Frog Ophrys - Disgust.
Fuller's Teasel - Misanthropy.
Fumitory - Spleen.
Fuschia, Scarlet - Taste
Garden Anemone - Forsaken.
Garden Chervil - Sincerity.
Garden Daisy - I partake your sentiments.
Garden Marigold - Uneasiness.
Garden Ranunculus - You are rich in attractions.
Garden Sage - Esteem.
Garland of Roses - Reward of virtue.
Germander Speedwell - Facility
Geranium, Dark - Melancholy
Geranium, Ivy - Bridal favor.
Geranium, Lemon Unexpected meeting.
Geranium, Nutmeg - Expected meeting.
Geranium, Oak-leaved - True friendship.
Geranium, Penciled - Ingenuity.
Geranium, Rose-scented - Preference.
Geranium, Scarlet - Comforting. Stupidity.
Geranium, Silver-leaved - Recall
Geranium, wild - Steadfast piety.
Gilliflower - Bonds of affection.
Glory Flower - Glorious beauty.
Goat's Rue - Reason.
Golden Rod - Precaution.
Gooseberry - Anticipation.
Gourd - Extent, Bulk.
Grape, Wild - Charity.
Grass - Submission. Utility.
Guelder Rose - Winter. Age.
Hand Flower - Tree Warning.
Harebell - Submission. Grief.
Hawkweed - Quicksightedness.
Hawthorn - Hope.
Hazel - Reconciliation.
Heath - Solitude.
Helenium - Tears.
Heliotrope - Devotion. Faithfulness.
Hellebore - Scandal. Calumny
Helmet Flower (Monkshood) - Knight-errantry.
Hemlock - You will be my death.
Hemp - Fate.
Henbane - Imperfection.
Hepatica - Confidence.
Hibiscus - Delicate beauty.
Holly - Foresight.
Holly Herb - Enchantment.
Hollyhock - Ambition. Fecundity.
Honesty - Honesty. Fascination.
Honey Flower - Love, sweet and secret.
Honeysuckle - Generous and devoted affection.
Honeysuckle (Coral) - The color of my fate.
Honeysuckle (French) - Rustic beauty.
Hop - Injustice.
Hornbean - Ornament.
Horse Chestnut - Luxury.
Hortensia - You are cold.
Houseleek - Vivacity. Domestic industry.
Houstonia - Content.
Hoya - Sculpture.
Humble Plant - Despondency.
Hundred-leaved Rose - Dignity of mind.
Hyacinth - Sport. Game. Play.
Hyacinth, White - Unobtrusive loveliness.
Hydrangea - A boaster. Heartlessness.
Hyssop - Cleanliness.
Iceland Moss - Health.
Ice Plant - Your looks freeze me.
Imperial Montague - Power.
Indian Cress - Warlike trophy.
Indian Jasmine (Ipomoea) - Attachment.
Indian Pink (Double) - Always lovely.
Indian Plum - Privation.
Iris - Message.
Iris German - Flame
Ivy - Fidelity. Marriage.
Ivy, Sprig of, with tendrils - Assiduous to please.
Jacob's Ladder - Come down.
Japan Rose - Beauty is your only attraction.
Jasmine - Amiability
Jasmine, Cape - Transport of joy.
Jasmine, Carolina - Separation.
Jasmine, Indian - I attach myself to you.
Jasmine, Spanish - Sensuality.
Jasmine, Yellow - Grace and elegance.
Jonquil - I desire a return of affection.
Judas Tree - Unbelief. Betrayal.
Juniper - Succor. Protection.
Justicia - The perfection of female loveliness.
Kennedia - Mental beauty.
King-cups - Desire of riches.
Laburnum - Forsaken. Pensive beauty.
Lady's Slipper - Capricious beauty. Win me and wear me.
Lagerstraemia, Indian - Eloquence.
Lantana - Rigor.
Larch - Audacity. Boldness.
Larkspur - Lightness. Levity.
Larkspur, Pink - Fickleness
Larkspur, Purple - Haughtiness
Laurel - Glory
Laurel Common, in flower - Perfidy.
Laurel, Ground - Perseverance.
Laurel, Mountain - Ambition.
Laurel-leaved Magnolia - Dignity.
Laurestina - A token. I die if neglected.
Lavender - Distrust.
Leaves (dead) - Melancholy.
Lemon - Zest.
Lemon Blossoms - Fidelity in love.
Lettuce - Cold-heartedness.
Lichen - Dejection. Solitude.
Lilac, Field - Humility
Lilac, Purple - First emotions of love.
Lilac, White - Youthful innocence.
Lily, Day - Coquetry.
Lily, Imperial - Majesty.
Lily, White - Youthful innocence.
Lily, Yellow - Falsehood. Gaiety.
Lily of the Valley - Return of happiness.
Linden or Lime Trees - Conjugal love.
Lint - I feel my obligation.
Live Oak - Liberty.
Liverwort - Confidence
Licorice, Wild - I declare against you.
Lobelia - Malevolence.
Locust Tree - Elegance.
Locust Tree (green) - Affection beyond the grave.
London Pride - Frivolity.
Lote Tree - Concord.
Lotus - Eloquence.
Lotus Flower - Estranged love.
Lotus Leaf - Recantation.
Love in a Mist - Perplexity.
Love lies Bleeding - Hopeless, not heartless.
Lucern - Life.
Lupine - Voraciousness. Imagination.
Madder - Calumny.
Magnolia - Love of nature.
Magnolia, Swamp - Perseverance.
Mallow - Mildness.
Mallow, Marsh - Beneficence.
Mallow, Syrian - Consumed by love.
Mallow, Venetian - Delicate beauty.
Manchineal Tree - Falsehood.
Mandrake - Horror.
Maple - Reserve.
Marigold - Grief.
Marigold, African - Vulgar minds.
Marigold, French - Jealousy.
Marigold, Prophetic - Prediction.
Marigold and Cypress - Despair.
Marjoram - Blushes.
Marvel of Peru - Timidity.
Meadow Lychnis - Wit.
Meadow Saffron - My best days are past.
Meadowsweet - Uselessness.
Mercury - Goodness.
Mesembryanthemum - Idleness.
Mezereon - Desire to please.
Michaelmas Daisy - Afterthought.
Mignionette - Your qualities surpass your charms.
Milfoil - War.
Milkvetch - Your presence softens my pains.
Milkwort - Hermitage.
Mimosa (Sensitive Plant) - Sensitiveness.
Mint - Virtue.
Mistletoe - I surmount difficulties.
Mock Orange - Counterfeit.
Monkshood (Helmet Flower) - Chivalry. Knight-errantry.
Moonwort - Forgetfulness.
Morning Glory - Affectation.
Moschatel - Weakness.
Moss - Maternal love.
Mosses - Ennui.
Mossy Saxifrage - Affection.
Motherwort - Concealed love.
Mountain Ash - Prudence.
Mourning Bride - Unfortunate attachment. I have lost all.
Mouse-eared Chickweed - Ingenuous simplicity
Mouse-eared Scorpion Grass - Forget me not.
Moving Plant Agitation.
Mudwort Tranquility.
Mugwort Happiness.
Mulberry Tree (Black) - I shall not survive you.
Mulberry Tree (White) - Wisdom.
Mushroom - Suspicion.
Musk Plant - Weakness
Mustard Seed - Indifference.
Myrobalan - Privation.
Myrrh - Gladness.
Myrtle - Love
Narcissus - Egotism.
Nasturtium - Patriotism.
Nettle Burning - Slander
Nettle Tree - Concert.
Night-blooming Cereus - Transient beauty.
Night Convolvulus - Night.
Nightshade - Truth.
Oak Leaves - Bravery.
Oak Tree - Hospitality.
Oak (White) - Independence.
Oats - The witching soul of music.
Oleander - Beware.
Olive - Peace.
Orange Blossoms - Your purity equals your loveliness.
Orange Tree - Generosity.
Orchis - A Belle.
Osier - Frankness.
Osmunda - Dreams.
Ox Eye - Patience.
Palm - Victory.
Pansy - Thoughts.
Parsley - Festivity.
Pasque Flower - You have no claims.
Passion Flower - Religious superstition.
Patience Dock - Patience.
Pea, Everlasting - An appointed meeting. Lasting pleasure.
Pea, Sweet - Departure
Peach - Your qualities, like your charms, are unequaled.
Peach Blossom - I am your captive.
Pear - Affection.
Pear Tree - Comfort.
Pennyroyal - Flee away.
Peony - Shame, Bashfulness.
Peppermint - Warmth of feeling.
Periwinkle, Blue - Early friendship.
Periwinkle, White - Pleasures of memory.
Persicaria - Restoration.
Persimon - Bury me amid Nature's beauties.
Peruvian Heliotrope - Devotion.
Pheasant's Eye - Remembrance.
Phlox - Unanimity.
Pigeon Berry - Indifference.
Pimpernell - Change. Assignation.
Pine - Pity.
Pine-apple - You are perfect.
Pine, Pitch - Philosophy.
Pine, Spruce - Hope in adversity.
Pink - Boldness.
Pink, Carnation - Woman's love.
Pink, Indian, Double - Always lovely.
Pink, Indian, Single - Aversion.
Pink, Mountain - Aspiring.
Pink, Red, Double - Pure and ardent love.
Pink, Single - Pure love.
Pink, Variegated - Refusal.
Pink, White - Ingeniousness. Talent.
Plane Tree - Genius.
Plum, Indian - Privation.
Plum Tree - Fidelity
Plum, Wild - Independence.
Polyanthus - Pride of riches.
Polyanthus, Crimson - The heart's mystery.
Polyanthus, Lilac - Confidence.
Pomegranate Flower - Mature elegance.
Poplar, Black - Courage.
Poplar, White - Time.
Poppy, Red - Consolation.
Poppy, Scarlet - Fantastic extravagance.
Poppy, White - Sleep. My bane. My antidote.
Potato - Benevolence.
Prickly Pear - Satire.
Pride of China - Dissension.
Primrose - Early youth.
Primrose, Evening - Inconstancy.
Primrose, Red - Unpatronized merit.
Privet - Prohibition.
Purple, Clover - Provident.
Pyrus Japonica - Fairies' fire.
Quaking-Grass - Agitation.
Quamoclit - Busybody.
Queen's Rocket - You are the queen of coquettes. Fashion.
Quince - Temptation.
Ragged Robin - Wit
Ranunculus - You are radiant with charms.
Ranunculus, Garden - You are rich in attractions.
Ranunculus, Wild - Ingratitude.
Raspberry - Remorse.
Ray Grass - Vice.
Red Catchfly - Youthful love.
Reed - Complaisance. Music.
Reed, Split - Indiscretion.
Rhododendron (Rosebay) - Danger. Beware.
Rhubarb - Advice.
Rocket - Rivalry.
Rose - Love.
Rose, Austrian - Thou art all that is lovely.
Rose, Bridal - Happy love.
Rose, Burgundy - Unconscious beauty.
Rose, Cabbage - Ambassador of love.
Rose, Campion - Only deserve my love.
Rose, Carolina - Love is dangerous.
Rose, China - Beauty always new.
Rose Christmas - Tranquilize my anxiety.
Rose, Daily - Thy smile I aspire to.
Rose, Damask - Brilliant complexion.
Rose, Deep Red - Bashful shame.
Rose, Dog - Pleasure and pain.
Rose, Guelder - Winter. Age.
Rose, Hundred-leaved - Pride.
Rose, Japan - Beauty is your only attraction.
Rose, Maiden - Blush If you love me, you will find it out.
Rose, Multiflora - Grace.
Rose, Mundi - Variety.
Rose, Musk - Capricious beauty.
Rose, Musk, Cluster - Charming.
Rose, Single - Simplicity.
Rose, Thornless - Early attachment.
Rose, Unique - Call me not beautiful
Rose, White - I am worthy of you.
Rose, White (withered) - Transient impressions.
Rose, Yellow - Decrease of love. Jealousy.
Rose, York and Lancaster - War.
Rose, Full-blown, placed over two Buds - Secrecy.
Roses, Crown of - Reward of virtue.
Rosebud, Red - Pure and lovely.
Rosebud, White - Girlhood.
Rosebud, Moss - Confession of love.
Rosebay (Rhododendron) - Beware. Danger.
Rosemary - Remembrance.
Rudbeckia - Justice.
Rue - Disdain.
Rush - Docility.
Rye Grass - Changeable disposition.
Saffron - Beware of excess.
Saffron Crocus - Mirth.
Saffron, Meadow - My happiest days are past.
Sage - Domestic virtue.
Sage, Garden - Esteem.
Sainfoin - Agitation.
St. John's Wort - Animosity. Superstition.
Sardony - Irony.
Saxifrage, Mossy - Affection.
Scabious - Unfortunate love.
Scabious, Sweet - Widowhood.
Scarlet Lychnis - Sunbeaming eyes.
Schinus - Religious enthusiasm.
Scotch Fir - Elevation.
Sensitive Plant - Sensibility. Delicate feelings.
Senvy - Indifference.
Shamrock - Light-heartedness.
Snakesfoot - Horror.
Snapdragon - Presumption.
Snowball - Bound.
Snowdrop - Hope.
Sorrel - Affection.
Sorrel, Wild - Wit ill-timed.
Sorrel, Wood - Joy.
Southernwood - Jest. Bantering.
Spanish Jasmine - Sensuality.
Spearmint - Warmth of sentiment.
Speedwell - Female fidelity.
Speedwell, Germander - Facility.
Speedwell, Spiked - Semblance.
Spider Ophrys - Adroitness.
Spiderwort - Esteem, not love.
Spiked Willow Herb - Pretension.
Spindle Tree - Your charms are engraven on my heart.
Star of Bethlehem - Purity.
Starwort - Afterthought.
Starwort, American - Cheerfulness in old age.
Stock - Lasting beauty.
Stock, Ten Week - Promptness.
Stonecrop - Tranquility.
Straw, Broken - Rupture of a contract.
Straw, Whole - Union.
Strawberry Tree - Esteem and love.
Sumac, Venice - Splendor. Intellectual excellence.
Sunflower, Dwarf - Adoration.
Sunflower, Tall - Haughtiness.
Swallow-wort - Cure for heartache.
Sweet Basil - Good wishes.
Sweetbrier, American - Simplicity
Sweetbrier, European - I wound to heal.
Sweetbrier, Yellow - Decrease of love.
Sweet Pea - Delicate pleasures.
Sweet Sultan - Felicity.
Sweet William - Gallantry.
Sycamore - Curiosity.
Syringa - Memory.
Syringa, Carolina - Disappointment.
Tamarisk - Crime.
Tansy (Wild) - I declare war against you.
Teasel - Misanthropy.
Tendrils of Climbing Plants - Ties.
Thistle, Common - Austerity.
Thistle, Fuller's - Misanthropy.
Thistle, Scotch - Retaliation.
Thorn, Apple - Deceitful charms.
Thorn, Branch of - Severity.
Thrift - Sympathy.
Throatwort - Neglected beauty.
Thyme - Activity
Tiger Flower - For once may pride befriend me.
Traveler's Joy - Safety.
Tree of Life - Old age.
Trefoil - Revenge.
Tremella Nestoc - Resistance.
Trillium Pictum - Modest beauty.
Truffle - Surprise.
Trumpet Flower - Fame.
Tuberose - Dangerous pleasures.
Tulip - Fame.
Tulip, Red - Declaration of love.
Tulip, Variegated - Beautiful eyes.
Tulip, Yellow - Hopeless love.
Turnip - Charity.
Tussilage (Sweet-scented) - Justice shall be done.
Valerian - An accommodating disposition.
Valerian, Greek - Rupture.
Venice Sumac - Intellectual excellence. Splendor.
Venus's Car - Fly with me.
Venus's Looking-glass - Flattery.
Venus's Trap - Deceit.
Vernal Grass - Poor, but happy.
Veronica - Fidelity.
Vervain - Enchantment.
Vine - Intoxication.
Violet, Blue - Faithfulness.
Violet, Dane - Watchfulness.
Violet, Sweet - Modesty.
Violet, Yellow - Rural happiness.
Virginian Spiderwort - Momentary happiness.
Virgin's Bower - Filial love.
Volkamenia - May you be happy.
Walnut - Intellect. Stratagem
Wall-flower - Fidelity in adversity.
Water Lily - Purity of heart.
Water Melon - Bulkiness.
Wax Plant - Susceptibility.
Wheat Stalk - Riches.
Whin - Anger.
White Jasmine - Amiableness.
White Lily - Purity and modesty.
White Mullein - Good nature.
White Oak - Independence.
White Pink - Talent.
White Poplar - Time.
White Rose (dried) - Death preferable to loss of innocence.
Wortleberry - Treason.
Willow, Creeping - Love forsaken.
Willow, Water - Freedom.
Willow, Weeping - Mourning
Willow-Herb - Pretension.
Willow-French - Bravery and humanity.
Winter Cherry - Deception.
Witch Hazel - A spell.
Woodbine - Fraternal love.
Wood Sorrel - Joy. Maternal tenderness.
Wormwood - Absence.
Xanthium - Rudeness. Pertinacity.
Xeranthemum - Cheerfulness under adversity.
Yew - Sorrow.
Zephyr Flower - Expectation.
Zinnia - Thoughts of absent friends.