Monday, November 14, 2011

Easier Mushroom Gardening, Composting, and Raised Beds

Mushroom gardening has been a bit of a hassle for some folks. I know when I once tried it I failed miserably. I didn't have the time or the patience it seems. I am one of those low-maintenance gardeners, needing low-maintenance plants and systems. 

There is a way now to grow up to one and a half pounds of mushrooms, quickly and easily. So simple, I can even do it. In about 10 days you can have pearl oyster mushrooms with a new Mushroom Garden system. It is called "Back to the Roots", and you can get more information at their website. There is even a video.

Now also, I've been posting some on composting and raised beds. I believe that by incorporating the rich nutrients you can get out of compost by using it on your garden plants, you are raising better food. Composting can be done with so many household and kitchen items, that instead of junking up our landfills, they can be going to helping you raise better crops and plants in the garden.

Raised beds are another great idea. I know that for me, as I get older, bending over to work on the garden is getting difficult. I'm doing more with raised beds now, and its helping. I make mine with a nice flat plank around them, so that I can sit and weed and garden with a bit more ease. I like this concept.

If you have any comments on mushroom gardening, composting, or raised beds, I'd love to hear from you!


Sverige said...

Thanks for this information, i will to this in my backyard.

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