Monday, July 18, 2011

Georgia’s Native Plants and Wildflowers that are Fragrant

There are many fragrant flowers and plants in the gardening world. Many of these, however, are not native to the state of Georgia. These four flowers are all native to Georgia and are fragrant, making for good use around patios and decks or wherever the gardener would like a burst of scent.

Filipendula rubra (Hill) B. L. Robins. (Queen of the Prairie)
This plant is a favorite of butterflies, birds, and bees. It grows up to four feet tall and has a two to three foot spread. It loves partial shade and moist acidic soil. Its blooms are small, fragrant, and pink. Several stamens will give the plant a feather-like appearance. It will bloom from June to August. Leaves are deeply lobed and have 7 to 9 lobes. You need to cut the foliage back when it starts to brown. Propagate by seed, rootstock division in the early spring or fall, or mid-spring stem cuttings.

Glandularia canadensis (L.) Nutt. (Rose Vervain, Sweet William, Glandularia drummondii, Glandularia lambertii, Verbena canadensis, Verbena canadensis var. atroviolacea, Verbena canadensis var. compacta, Verbena canadensis var. drummondii, Verbena canadensis var. grandiflora, Verbena canadensis var. lambertii, Verbena lambertii, Verbena ×oklahomensis)
Rose vervain grows five to 10 inches tall and spreads outward. Tubular flowers are 5-petaled, fragrant, and rose-pink in color. Blooms occur from February through September. Hairy leaves are toothed and evergreen.  It prefers partial shade and acidic moist well-drained soils. Rose vervain is a perennial in the state of Georgia due to the weather conditions. Propagate by seed, root division and by softwood cuttings. It should be mulched well in the cold season to prevent freezing.

Lilium canadense L. (Canada Lily)
This species grows up to six feet tall and has fragrant trumpet-shaped flowers from June to September. Blooms are yellow on the outside and red-orange and spotted on the inside. The flowers are slightly recurved. It has lance-shaped deciduous foliage that is flat and whorled. Plant this in sun or partial shade with wet or moist soil. Propagate by seed or by bulb division.

Mitchella repens L. (Partridgeberry)
This perennial only gets up to two inch tall and is perfect for a ground cover. It has a spread of up to 18 inches. Pink-white tubular flowers are fragrant while leaves are small, round and evergreen. It will bloom May through October. There are red berries after flowering. It prefers partial to full shade and moist or dry acidic soil. Propagate this ground-cover by seed, softwood cuttings or by root division. Partridgeberry is a Native American remedy as a tea for childbirth help.


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