Monday, July 4, 2011

Deer Resistant Native Wildflowers for your Garden

Deer are the bane of many gardeners and landscapes, which trample and eat the plants. There are some plants that are deer resistant, but not deer proof. These three native plants and wildflowers are all deer resistant and can help maintain their beauty in landscapes with a deer population.

Aquilegia canadensis L. (Red Columbine)
Although it’s called red columbine, there are yellow blooms on this species as well. This self-sowing plant will grow from two to three feet high and prefers full shade or partial shade. It has wonderful droop blooms that hummingbirds love and will burst in color from May to June. It likes sandy well-drained soils, alkaline or neutral, and is adaptable to its surroundings. Propagate by the seed. It tolerates heat and cold and has some deer resistance.  Columbine gets its name from the word “columba” which is Latin for dove. It was believed that the petals looked like a fountain surrounded by a ring of doves.

Echinacea pallida (Nutt.) Nutt. (Pale Purple Coneflower)
This flower gets up to three to four feet tall and needs a 12 to 18-inch spread zone. It prefers full sun and has average water needs. Its ray flowers are pink, magenta, or white on stiff erect stems and will appear in mid-summer to late fall. It has herbaceous smooth leaves and is deer resistant. Butterflies, songbirds, and goldfinches love this flower. To propagate you can direct sow from seed outdoors.

Helianthus angustifolius L. (Swamp Sunflower)
This flower gets up to six to eight feet tall and needs a spacing zone of nine to 12 inches. It loves full sun and has high moisture needs. Butterflies and birds love it, birds mainly for the seeds. It has bright yellow flowers in mid-fall. You can plant this in just about any soil so long as you don’t let it dry out and you keep it in partial shade. It is deer resistant. Propagate this by dividing the root ball. Cut back after bloom to really insure a healthy growth pattern the next year.


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