Saturday, May 7, 2011

How to Make a Simple Container Water Garden

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Water garden with lilies. Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, Colorado (October 2006). Photo by Peter Rimar.)

Has this ever happened? There is the latest greatest gardening book highlighting water gardens and they are fabulous. But where to put it? There are plenty of things that can be done if there isn’t a good full area nearby for a pond or water garden. There are container water gardens that can be made with very little effort and cost. If the thought of a container water garden appeals, this is how to go about making one.

Portable Water Gardens
The idea of the water garden being portable means that it will start with a good galvanized tub, the bigger the better. With this being your starter set up, you can add water, and the pump that will keep the water circulating. Make sure the filters in the pump are changed as frequently as possible to keep the water from becoming stagnant and keeping it oxygenated. Always have some good river rock in the bottom, and rising up in places so that there is a free form structure to the water garden.

Add Fish
The best starter fish to add to the container water garden are going to be koi fish. These fish will be great to add in and when the correct water plants are chosen, they coexist well. Keep in mind though that koi fish need a good bit of oxygen. This will help in making a container water garden work. It will add movement and a focal point in the water, instead of a static view.

Add the Plants
For a first time portable water garden, try a few water lilies. It will be fun finding one, as there are over 1,700 different types. Bringing in a water lily or two will give a two fold help in the container. It will keep the koi from getting sunburned and provide them with some shelter, some hiding spots. Also it will go a long way in keeping the water from getting full of algae. It will lower the temperature of the water and add a bit of oxygen to it. With the koi, the addition of oxygen giving plants will help keep plenty of air for them along with the pump and filters.

Container Water Gardens
The idea of a container water garden is good for those with little land, as it can be set up on a deck or even on porch steps depending on the size of the container. It can add a whimsical charm to the home, and a bit of zen to the homeowners.


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